3 Ways to be a Better Runner

We all think we know how to run. It’s something that we’ve tried to do since we learned how to walk. Running is a great form of exercise that boosts your immune system and keeps your heart healthy. However, many of us run “incorrectly”. Here are 3 ways so that you can become a better runner.

  1. Posture: Stand Up Straight

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Running in an up-right position definitely benefits your spine and back muscles. Additionally, the up-right posture straightens your windpipe, making breathing easier on the lungs. One way to help force yourself run in an up-right position is to remember to breathe!

2. Breathing: Establish a Rhythm

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Establishing a consistent, natural-feeling breathing rhythm is a great way be more efficient, enabling you to run faster and further. I personally breathe in for 3 strides, and then breathe out for 2 strides. How you breathe does not matter, just establish a breathing rhythm that feels natural and fluid. Also, be sure to breathe deeply to maximize oxygen intake.

3. Consistency: Running on a Schedule

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Consistency is important for running. One reason why people find running to be “mentally” difficult is because running has not become a habit. For this reason, being   consistent in your running schedule is extremely important as you begin making running   (and exercise in general) a routine part of your life.

Now that you have these three strategies, you’re ready to become a better runner!

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~Written by James Wu

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