The Battle of Cardio vs Resistance Training

circuit.jpg (562×621)fasted-cardio.jpg (1680×1050)

There is an ongoing battle between those for cardio and those for weight & resistance training when it comes to healthy weight loss. Of course, both are important. Although cardio is still needed to maintain endurance and a healthy cardiovascular system, I personally side more with weight and resistance training for a couple of reasons:

1) Weight training helps build muscle, and muscle burns more energy than fat.

2) Weight & resistance training tears and wears out muscle (more so than cardio). As a result, increasing muscle mass will help burn more calories, even when not exercising, which will help control weight. Even when not exercising, the body needs to burn energy in order to repair and grow more muscle. Many refer to this burning of energy long after a workout session as the “Afterburn Effect.” This Afterburn Effect is typically not related to cardio related activities as much.


~Written by James Wu

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