March Lower Body Fitness Routine

Estimated time: 30-45 minutes


  • Equipment: Just yourself!


For the first exercise, run a mile. Do not run as fast as you can. However, make sure that the mile you run is a quick mile that leaves you out of breath.

Jumping Squats

After running the mile, do 2 sets of jumping squats. For each set, do 15 jumping squats. Between sets, take a short break. Be sure to stay hydrated, but do not drink so much that you weigh yourself down and end up with a heavy stomach.

**Repeat these two exercises in order 2 more times**



To end, stretch your legs. One simple, basic stretch to do is to try to touch your toes. Hold this for about 45 seconds.

Touch-your-toes-stretch.png (1043×570) (beastlifestyleimages)


~Written by James Wu

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