“Seeing the World in a More Optimistic Way”


“Diet-wise, I try to eat a bowl of spinach every day. I’ve also been drinking a lot of lemon water lately, because it’s supposed to filter out kidney stuff. But… I do have a sweet tooth, so I indulge myself every once in a while.

“Exercise-wise, I do a morning workout every day of the week – a lot of body weight stuff, different types of push-ups and crunches. I’m also taking a self-defense class, and I go to the gym sometimes with my friend, Eric.

“There’s also a wellness component; most people go straight for the diet and exercise, but there are other aspects of being healthy like having a good network of friends and having a good night’s sleep. My motivation in 8th grade when I started working out was shallow. I was pretty self-conscious, so I did it for the body image. But as I matured, I did it because it feels good. There are good feels and good benefits – like living longer, having a higher quality of life, and seeing the world in a more optimistic way,”

*Disclaimer: This healthy human wants to add that this photo was taken in freshman year of high school.

~Written by Jenny Xu

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