3 Foods to Stay Awake

Ever feel like you’re falling asleep in class or at work? Is your regular cup of coffee not working its magic? It happens to everyone, but don’t worry! Here are 3 foods that will give you that extra boost of energy and keep you awake during that morning lecture.

  1. Citrus: full of Vitamin C, boosting the immune system; enhances energy, improves alertness even with their smell

CitrusEditorial_v9.jpg (797×841)

2.  Walnuts: full of Omega-3’s which give an automatic boost of energy

walnuts-and-shells.jpg (1000×638)

3. Salmon: also full of Omega-3 and other healthy fatty acids; boosts energy and builds muscles and other tissues

image001.jpg (1200×801)


Eating healthy doesn’t just prevent diseases like heart disease and Diabetes; it also gives you that extra boost of energy you need throughout the day. What are you waiting for? GO RE-ENERGIZE!


~Written by Ruby Liu 

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