September Lower Body Routine

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

*The following routine is one meant for busy times when there is not much time to exercise*

Jumping Squats

j1 j

  • Equipment: Just yourself!


Start in a squatted position with your feet a little wider than your shoulder-width. Next, jump up as high as you can, and use your legs to catch and lower yourself, in a controlled manner, back into a squat. It is important that you control your descent into a squat, because failing to do so will provide a bit of a “spring” for your next jumping squat, which would result in your legs getting less of a workout when propelling your body up. Aim for around 20-30 jumping squats.

Exercises for the Calf muscle and Tibialis Anterior muscle

Calf-muscles-inner.jpg (480×320)

  • Equipment: Just yourself

For both exercises, start by standing straight up with your feet flat on the ground.

To exercise your calf muscle, do a calf raise by simple shifting your weight to the balls/toe-end of your feet and lift your heels off the ground. This action is basically like tippy-toeing. Once your heel is raised as high as possible, slowly lower your heels back to the ground. This is one calf raise. Aim for around 50-60 calf raises per set.

The Tibialis Anterior muscle is somewhat like the “opposite” of your calf muscle. Instead of raising your heel off the ground, the Tibialis Anterior helps raise your toes off the ground. Exercising this muscle is important for preventing leg injury. What I suggest for a simple exercise to work this muscle is to raise your toes and front half of your feet off the ground as high as possible, and then lower your feet and toes back on the floor. Do this about 70-90 times.


**Repeat the jumping squats and calf & tibialis anterior muscle exercises 3 more times**


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