October Fitness Profile: Shadiat Ojelade


Shadiat is a 4th year government major specializing in political science with two certificates in Computer Science and Business Foundations. She loves living a healthy lifestyle and believes in the importance of “respecting your body”.

Q: What is your definition of healthy?

A: Components of healthy to me include endurance and a good heart beat. But I would honestly call it a lifestyle.

Q: How do you stay healthy?

A: I make it a lifestyle! Listening to my body is super important. If I’m hungry, I won’t starve myself – I’ll eat. But discipline is important too, so I won’t binge. I don’t let calories run my life. I will choose the healthiest option on the menu and if I am feeling something sweet, I’ll try to make it healthy.

Q: What is your fitness routine?

A: I actually like working out by myself because then I can go at my own speed and I don’t get distracted. But I always start with legs and I also prefer lifting weights to cardio. I burn more fat with weight lifting and gain more muscle mass while I’m at it. So even if I’m gaining weight, I don’t look any different because muscle mass is slimmer.

Q: What is your eating routine?

A: Well I definitely learned from dieting. When I did it before, I would really restrict myself and I was uncomfortable and I couldn’t concentrate in class. Again, be sure to listen to your body! So when I’m hungry, I will try and find good foods instead of being too strict with my body.

Q: What do you look for in foods?

A: I look for fiber, Vitamin C, iron, protein, carb content. Actually, I use the protein Vega*. It’s not the best protein out there, but it’s the best in reach for me. It boosts my immune system and helps with my skin and has less sugar too.

Q: Any go-to snacks?

A: I love munching on celery, which I know is kinda weird, haha. I also drink smoothies** because it helps with weight loss but it also fills me up. They taste good and I can put good stuff inside. I put a lot in it actually – supplements, chia seeds, fruits.

Q: How do you stay motivated?

A: I wanted to be more fit so I could run a mile. I’m anemic and I have a heart murmer*** so it was super hard for me to stay energized and get my heart rate up.

YouTube motivates the crap out of me. My top two people are Sarahs Day and Whitney Simmons.**** Sarahs Day has a lot of videos on the healthy lifestyle, especially with a Paleo diet. Whitney Simmons helps with home workouts and has a good balance between building a booty and abs but also staying slim. I really really want abs.

Q: If you had advice for someone looking to get fit, what would it be?

A: Watch YouTube videos! Also respect your body! It’s so so important to listen to your body.

*Link to find out more about Vega: https://myvega.com/

**Look for more detail about her smoothie ingredients in our healthy foods section (coming soon)!

***Sounds like whooshing or swishing during the heartbeat cycle made by turbulent blood in or near the heart

****For more information on these Youtubers, check out our healthy humans section (coming soon)!

~Written by Jenny Xu 

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