April Joke

What kind of bird dodged the hunter’s arrow?

“I Like to be Distracted When I Run”

“I think healthy is mainly being active or having physical exercise. I enjoy running, which varies on the day. I usually run three or four miles a day, down South Congress to the trails there. I hate treadmills and tracks because I like to be distracted by the view when I run, since I’m going…

Joke of the Week 4/25/16

Q: What did one raspberry do towards his friend when he was insulted? A: He blew a raspberry! ~Written by James Wu

“Health…is a Three-Fold Endeavor.”

“Health for music theater majors is a three-fold endeavor. First, we of course have to take care of our bodies. We have to dance practically every day and if we aren’t putting good food into our systems and keeping our muscles strong, we’re not going to be able to have the stamina to last through…

Joke of the Week

What kind of bird dodged the hunter’s arrow? -A duck!   ~Written by James Wu

“I Have Played Soccer for 8 Years”

“I’m from Venezuela, and the food there is much less sugary than American food. Even the coke is less sweet there. I love Venezuelan cashews and almonds… they taste so good! I also love pistachios. I don’t really eat carbs. It’s a habit I got from my dad. Physically, I have played soccer for 8…

5 Diagrams to Help You Become a Healthy Eater

Control your portions with your hand!  2. What does one Serving actually look like?  3. Love soup? So do we! It’s a great way to get all of your favorite veggies in!  4. We love our tea in all colors; tea-hee-hee  Benefits of tea:  contains antioxidants less caffeine than coffee reduce your risk of heart…

“ANYONE Can Run a Half Marathon”

  “Being healthy to me is having a balance between a good diet and being active. There’s a quote I heard a while ago that embodies this pretty well: ‘Eat to live, don’t live to eat.’ In other words, don’t fill up your stomach with candy. I love snacking on Boom Chicka Pop’s popcorn –…

“I LOVE Strawberries”

“Healthy to me means brushing my teeth twice a day, running regularly, and eating well-balanced meals (half a plate of grains, a quarter protein, a quarter fruits and vegetables, and a serving of dairy).” “Do you have a favorite food?” “I LOVE strawberries.”   ~Written by Jenny Xu