October Fitness Profile: Shadiat Ojelade

Shadiat is a 4th year government major specializing in political science with two certificates in Computer Science and Business Foundations. She loves living a healthy lifestyle and believes in the importance of “respecting your body”. Q: What is your definition of healthy? A: Components of healthy to me include endurance and a good heart beat….

April Joke

What kind of bird dodged the hunter’s arrow?

February Joke

What did the mother watermelon ask when she noticed her son was sad?

“Quite a Bit of Water”

“My definition of healthy is being conscious of the nutrients in what you eat and to know your body’s limits. Hydrating properly is important as well as getting enough sleep. I carry a water bottle to stay hydrated and I walk as much as I can. Although I have a sweet tooth, I’m conscious of…

Pumpkin Bread

    Yay! It was finally under 80 degrees here in Austin, which is good enough for me to start getting excited for fall! I make pumpkin bread every year, and it’s become my official way of welcoming in the fall season. You can add nuts, dried fruit, or chocolate chips to the batter (I’ve…

“[Dancing] is How I Keep Myself Sane”

“Dancing is how I keep my body healthy.” “What type of dance do you do?” “I’ve done Indian classical dance since I was 5, and it’s been a big part of my life ever since. It’s extremely challenging yet very rewarding. I always feel fantastic after I dance. It’s how I keep myself sane during…

Joke of the Week 4/25/16

Q: What did one raspberry do towards his friend when he was insulted? A: He blew a raspberry! ~Written by James Wu

Joke of the Week 4/18/16

Why did one apple push another down the hill? -It wanted to make apple turnover ~Written by Ruby Liu