October Fitness Profile: Shadiat Ojelade

Shadiat is a 4th year government major specializing in political science with two certificates in Computer Science and Business Foundations. She loves living a healthy lifestyle and believes in the importance of “respecting your body”. Q: What is your definition of healthy? A: Components of healthy to me include endurance and a good heart beat….

May Fitness Routine

Push-ups: Equipment: Just yourself The pushup is perhaps one of the most basic callisthenic, or body weight, exercises. A great measure of fitness, the pushup is a staple part of my own workouts and routines. To begin, start with your hands and feet supporting your body. Your body should be straight and level, and your…

3 Ways to be a better Bench Presser

If you have access to it, Bench Pressing is a wonderful way of building muscle in your upper body/ pectoral muscles. However, are you bench pressing correctly? Here are 3 ways to be a better bench presser. 1.Breathing When benching, breathing is a great tool to help stabilize yourself and improve performance on the bench….

The Battle of Cardio vs Resistance Training

There is an ongoing battle between those for cardio and those for weight & resistance training when it comes to healthy weight loss. Of course, both are important. Although cardio is still needed to maintain endurance and a healthy cardiovascular system, I personally side more with weight and resistance training for a couple of reasons: 1) Weight training…